Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Emma and Olivia's Birthday Party 2010

Emma and Olivia had a really fun joint birthday party at Boondocks. There was so much to do and it was all unlimited. They did bumper boats, race cars, laser tag, arcade games. All the kids had fun. 

This a card Riley(Kelly's daughter) made for Emma. Riley is two and so cute.

Olivia and Lily(Hollie's little sister).

Emma and Madison(Kelly's daughter). 
These two are so close they fight like sisters but still love each other.

The two in the salmon and blue shirts are Madison's cousins who were up visiting from California so they joined us and we were happy to have them.

Olivia helping with a magic trick.

Emma's turn to help.

Kwincy(Tera's little girl)

River(Tera's son). Jeffrey's buddy.

Jeffrey took River on some rides that he was too small to go on by himself. River was feeling pretty cool hanging out with Jeffrey and walked with a little strut in his step. He told Tera he was inviting Jake from preschool, Michael from church and Jeffrey to his birthday party.

Kelly and Tera - always there for me - such good friends. They are both known as Olivia and Emma's other mother's. But Emma is sure to tell me I am her first mom.

All the girls ready to race.

They were squirting each other and getting pretty wet on this cold day.

Kennedy hiding trying to not get so wet.

Laser tag

I was babysitting a new lady in the wards daughter for her this day because she was on bed rest. My friend watched her while we were gone at the party then we picked her up after and all the girls had so much fun with her. 

Happy birthday to our fun, cute Emma. 9 years old.

Happy birthday to our sweet, funny Olivia. 11 years old this year.

And the party continued at home with Katelyn and Kennady.

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