Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aunt Richard and Uncle Mena

My brother-in-law Mario took this picture or I should say messed with this picture. This was taken several years ago but every time I see it, it makes me laugh. It is so funny! It is of my sister Mena and her husband Richard and Mario switched their faces. Just plain scary looking! It cracks me up. The sad thing is, and nobody can tell little Richard, but Jeff thinks Richard kind of looks like their son little Richard in this picture. I decided I wanted this picture to go down in our family history books.

This is the original picture taken of them at the Oakland Temple.


Cherie said...

That cracked me up! What an awesome picture!!

When I first clicked on your blog I could only see the first picture and I honestly thought "that is an unfortunate looking couple"!

Ha Ha imagine my surprise as I read and scrolled down to find a very good looking couple.

Photoshop is the bomb! They should send that out on a Christmas card for a joke or something. So funny!

Carolyn said...

Oh Cherie! You have me rolling on the floor laughing again. "What an unfortunate couple". I just called my sister and told her to look at my blog and then read the comments too. This picture is so fun.

Csndice Rose Humes said...

That is a good laugh!