Monday, December 13, 2010

Davis family Visit

We had another fun visit with the Davis family this summer. They came to play with us for a few days and when they come, all we do is play... nonstop - the kids love it. There will be no order to these pictures because I have so many so I am just throwing them on here.

This is what Mikayla and Kiera wore when they went running one morning. Side note - I don't think they ever went to sleep the night before this run.

 Ruth and I took the younger kids to the family fun center.

 We also went up to visit Matt and Aimee and play the Idaho way for a day.

  We spent a little time at the Sunset Equestrian pool.

 taylor and Bradley made us tacos one night and they were so good.
 the older kids spent a lot of time at the rope swing.

 The flumes in idaho

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