Monday, December 13, 2010

Visit from Grandma and Candice 2010

Mom and Candice came out in October to babysit Nathan and Tanya's kids for them while they went on a cruise. The two of them worked hard to put together a fun week for the kids. We had movie nights, halloween parties, sleepovers and lots of play time together.

Can't seem to turn this picture around. We took Grandma and Candice(and a couple girls that we let cut school for the day) to Gardner Village. It is so fun there in the fall.

 Food for movie night.

 Cute invites the kids received for movie night and money for treats.

 Big breakfast with all the kids.

 Party night

And then we had some other fun visitors join us - Jake, Matt(staples in our home) and Chloe came to visit the girls.

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