Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve is always a special night. It is the night where we spend time together as a family relaxing, playing games and eating. Everyone gets to open one present Christmas Eve after winning a round of bingo(or in the case this year...21) and we close the night more reverently by reading of the Savior's birth and a short movie on His birth.

We love doing puzzles at Christmastime

Madi blessing us with her talent and playing beautiful Christmas music on the piano.

                                           Kenny was our special guest for part of the evening.

We all choose what to add to our Christmas Eve feast. It is not usually our healthiest meal.This year it was crab, shrimp pasta, spinach dip, cheese ball and crackers, cookies, fudge and rocky road - oh and some carrots.

Time to open up presents from each other. Taylor got make-up from Mikayla.

Emma got Webkins from Jeffrey

Mikayla got that thing that rubs off hair from Olivia.

Olivia got jewelry from Madison.

Jeffrey got a Wii game from Taylor.

Madi got a $15 gift card for I-Tunes from Emma.

Finally, after a scripture story and the short movie "O Holy Night" the kids are all nestled all snug in their beds in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there. It is tradition that they all sleep in the same room Christmas Eve.


Jeffrey said...

I wish I had a cute little family likes yours!

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