Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Sunday

Christmas Sunday is one of my favorite days. This year it was the first day I was finally able to feel the spirit of Christmas. We went to church and had a beautiful program in sacrament meeting. Jeff, Emma and I were all in the choir this year which was fun. We came home and Olivia and I made treats while Emma read Christmas books to Jeff. Then we all gathered in the family room to watch a movie together. To end the night we had friends drop by to visit. As we were gathering for prayer and scriptures that night, I mentioned to the kids how I really felt the true spirit of Christmas that day and it was because of the feelings felt while talking of and singing about Christ in church and then bringing that spirit home with us. What was neat was they could all feel it too and they recognized they could feel it because it was a more Chirst centered day. It was a beautiful day.

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rad6 said...

Love your thoughts. As our kids get older we really treasure these times more don't we!!!
Happy New Year!

Jeffrey said...

Love that family!!!!