Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas - Time Fun

I am not sure why, but I decided I would work over Christmas break at Deseret Book. As it got closer to Christmas and life got busier, I felt like I was missing out on a lot at home with the kids.Thankfully, Jeff was able to be home for the kids a lot while I was gone. He was a great help and was doing what he could so that I could enjoy the holiday and feel the spirit of it as much as possible. I told him my favorite part of this job was when he would drive me in and pick me up just because and when he would come in to visit me because he missed me. He was cute and I love him even more for it.
Not that I don't take pictures anyway of things we do, but this time I wanted to get pictures so that I could remember what we were able to do together this Christmas even though I wasn't around as much as I would have liked to have been.

Every year the kids choose a siblings name to buy a present for(they all agreed they could get a better present if they only had to buy for one). They love it and it is now the present that gets opened Christmas Eve instead of the pajamas from mom and dad. Here they all are heading in to Target.

We have a brand new tradition thanks to Cherie Bakow. We started a twelve days of Christmas books( although Cherie does one for every day in December). I wrapped up the books and each night a child was able to open one. That child would then read that Christmas book to us. This is Madi reading Red-Headed Robbies Christmas Story to us - love this book.

Annual gingerbread house decorating

Madi's photo fun

We went to the Davis girls basketball alumni game. Gerald is a wealthy local man who does a lot for the basketball team. he puts on this fun day full of food, presents for everyone and of course the alumni game.

The girls at the game with just a few presents so far.

Madi and friends

one present table

lunch at the game

Gerald gave all the B.B. girls a Snuggie.

Since we live so far from friends and family now, we have to start new traditions. This new one is going to see the latest Christmas movie on "Christmas Adam"(the day before Christmas Eve). We saw The Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. It was very well done.

My girls did a lot a baking for me while I was gone. On this day they made, peanut butter kiss cookies, fudge and rocky road. I guess this picture isn't something we did together but I wish it was.

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