Friday, December 11, 2009

Saturday- Last Day of Fun Thanksgiving Weekend

The last day the Hoopes were here we took a trip down to Cabela's with the younger kids. All the older kids were on a date and Jeffery was at a friend's home watching the big game - BYU vs. UofU. We listened to it on the radio while driving to Cabela's. It was a good game and fun to listen to while we were in the car. Cabela's is only a sporting goods store but you can make a day out of the things they have to do in there.

Love all the animals they have around the store.

Yummy snacks upstairs to munch on.
Fun shooting range upstairs also.

It is a tradition to watch Scrooged with my siblings every Christmas, or at least it was before we moved. Lots of yummy junk food is always on the menu. Since Mena and Richard were up we had our scrooged night with them.

The older kids came back from their date and hung out and played games for a while. I think it was a fun, relaxing day for all.


Rich said...


That BYU v UofU game was great. I was happy that it was televised out here. I will have to send you an email with an update on the office.

Fairy Godmother said...

Dave was LIVING to go to Cabella's last time we visited. It gave me a many people. But it was entertaining to the kids...if you can keep track of 'em all. Yours are old enough...but our little cousins will give you a scare. It is crazy there. There is also one in Reno that is huge, too!