Friday, December 4, 2009

Black Friday

Candice and Parker were in Utah having Thanksgiving with his sister so they came to visit us on Friday. We went to the church history museum together. Candice and Parker also went to the Daughters of Utah Pioneers museum to check out the family items that are on display there. It was nice having so much family in town - we thought we were going to be all alone this Thanksgiving.

Jeffrey, Aiden and Stone in front of the death masks of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. Kind of creepy but at the same time kind of neat too because it brings history to life - especially where you can see the damage done to Hyrum's nose from the bullet.
Beds families would sleep on( and I mean one family per bed) while on boats coming to America.
Newly returned missionary Richard preaching to the congregation.
They had a lot of creches on display at the museum. I thought some were very unique.

I wish I could add lipstick to some of these photos.

Can you believe we still call this 6'5" young man "Little Richard"?
He would not have fared well back in the day. I guess everyone was a little smaller in the 1800's.
Richard came home from his mission 4 days before Thanksgiving. Mena is happy to have him home.
While the hoopes were visiting Hillary(Richard's sister) and her family, we had eggnog and watched Elf as a family - one of our favorite Christmas movies.

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Fairy Godmother said...

You guys have fun no matter who you are with, even if it is just with your own family! Love to see all those fun pix...geez...I guess people were shorter back then! Maybe I was supposed to be a pioneer. No, I did NOT say that. I would have DIED!