Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankgiving Day 2009

Being that it is Thanksgiving, I took some time to think about the things I am thankful for. Since my sister took the time out of her families busy schedule to spend time with us, I thought how thankful I am for her and her friendship. She and Richard are great examples to me. Out of all my sisters, I share the most in common with Mena. I am thankful that our kids love being together and are so close. I am thankful for my brother as I think about how much he has done for me and has always been there for me. Tony is the most Christ-like person I know(a trait he definitely got from my father, so I guess that's two people I know like that). He will sacrifice his time, talents, finances, anything to help another. I am so thankful that I can be a full time mom - I love my job. There is not a career in the world that could bring more satisfaction than always being there for my kids and helping them grow to be the best person they can be. So many things to be thankful for... my home, my Savior, my parents, my wonderful kids, my husband, his job - that he has a job at this time and that he loves his job and lastly, I can't forget to mention all my great friends. I only choose friends that are better than me so that I can learn from them and become a better person myself. I am truly blessed and I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the many blessings I enjoy. My list could go on forever, I will have to continue it in more detail in my journal.

So, back to Thanksgiving Day with the Hoopes family. We started off Thanksgiving morning with a yummy breakfast of scones, hot chocolate in a variety of flavors and juice. It was delicious and plentiful.

Olivia loves to make the scones.
After breakfast I noticed Aiden's plate was displayed on the fridge - I guess he was proud of the pretty design made with the chocolate syrup he put on his scone.

Grandma sent up with Mena some fun Thanksgiving crafts for the kids to make for their table.
Their table looked great with all the things they made on it.

Richard was kind enough to help out with some problems we were having with our computer in exchange for haircuts. We very much appreciated the help. I think I owe him a few more haircuts for it.
$10.00 sweaters with scarf at Wal-mart. Walked past them and had to get them.
As much as I love every stage, these little girls really must stop growing up -they are my babies.

Mena is taking a picture upstairs.

B-e-a-utiful. Jeff and I cooked this turkey(thank you Shawnee for the use of your oven while you were gone Thanksgiving day). Richard also smoked a turkey back home in California and brought it up for all to enjoy.
Adult table. Not too bad. Mom is the one with all the decorations, tablecloths, dishes etc for the holidays. Now that I don't live near her, I am slowly starting my own collection.
Ready to eat.
After dinner we all gathered in the family room. Mena made some cards with a family members name on it. We each chose a name from a hat and went around the room and we each said why we were thankful for that person.

The Dorius's joined us later for dessert but I forgot to get the camera out darn it. too busy chatting.
It was a beautiful day and a fun week/weekend with the Hoopes. Now what do we do for Christmas? hmm...

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