Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Vacation

We thought we would be having Thanksgiving by ourselves this year. When Jeff and I went out to California in September, Jeff told Richard they were more than welcome to join us for Thanksgiving. Two guys making plans... and little Richard returning from his mission just 4 days before... I didn't think it would happen. BUT, we later got an e-mail from Mena saying she hopes we were serious because they were coming out. Mena, Stone and Claire came out at the beginning of the week to help with preparations. Twister and fires were the big activities of the week.

Go Schmeffer's
I don't know why Taylor's head is missing in this picture - oh wait I know, it's because she is not a blond like the rest of us.

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Fairy Godmother said...

Thanksgiving was meant for large groups! Especially family. My sister and her 7 children arrived from orem on Wednesday and left on Saturday. I couldn't believe they made that long trip for such a short visit, but I'm so glad they did, and so were my kids.