Wednesday, December 2, 2009

State Championship

I had a fun Friday night with my kids. Our high school made it to the state championships. As I was signing my kids out of school early to head down to the game which was played at the UofU football stadium, I noticed the excuses written down for why other parents were checking their kids out early was the same as mine. All the way down the page under reason it said "game" at all three schools. The high schooler's did get out early for the game but not early enough. There was excitement in the air around Kaysville. We were ahead the whole game until a few minutes into the fourth quarter and then the other team pulled ahead and won. It was a good game anyway and Davis did pretty well for coming in second for the state.

Here's Taylor leaving school early.

Sillyness in the car.
Rice-Eccles Stadium

We went to pizza after the game at Pie Pizzeria.
The pizza was about as big as our table.

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Fairy Godmother said...

Holy cow, that pizza is HUGE! It's cracking me up how Jeffrey is in shorts in every photo. I know it's not blazin' hot there. Boys crack me up that way. They are all about the shorts.

Tough loss...we've lived those recently in soccer. But, that's life...and that's definitely sports!