Monday, September 21, 2009

My Schmeffer's is 15

Happy 15th birthday to Jeffrey. In our family I think Jeffrey is everyone's favorite sibling. He is so kind and loving to all his sister's. Madi bought a card for Jeffrey this year with the nicest message inside. My kids have never really fought with each other but I have noticed from Taylor up that now that they are all teenager's something has changed and brought them even closer together. They aren't just siblings but good friends too. It is fun.
Anyway, back to the Schmeffer's. For his birthday this year he chose to get the flight simulator instead of having a party. Jeff and I took him and two of his friends out for sushi and to get his flight simulator then back to our house to play it and have vanilla malts. Grandpa Wright has a model airplane for him and this game will help him learn how to fly his plane. He loves airplanes and we love him! Here's hoping you have a great 15th year Jeffrey.

This is the simulator set up at the hobby store that they were playing while Jeff and I were purchasing his.

Benihana's endless sushi. Kenny, in the blue shirt, didn't order sushi because he had never tried it before. After tasting Jeffrey's and Spencer's he discovered he really likes it and polished off all their leftover's which was quite a bit.
They had flags out on this part of the street(like they have at school crosswalks) and Jeff told Jeffrey to grab one and hold it high and wave it as we crossed the street. Jeffrey didn't know what the deal was with the flags so he did what Jeff told him to do. It was pretty funny. We were laughing at him as he crossed the street so cautious with his flag. Spencer grabbed one on the way back to be silly. We were very safe.


Cherie said...

My mouth started to water reading this post because BeniHans'a is my FAVORITE restaurant. We don't have one here so whenever we are anywhere with one we always go. So YUMMY! You guys have good taste!

Happy Birthday to your 15 year old cutie!

rad6 said...

you blink and they get old. Remeber about a month or so ago when you and I were pregnant with Jeffrey and Taylor??? Oh wait, that was 15 years ago! Holy Smokes.
Tell that crazy boy happy bday for us too.

Sharp Family said...

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!! Looks like he had a great day!!