Thursday, September 10, 2009

End of Summer Pool Party

My friend Tara and I had an end of summer pool party for our kids. We invited the kids from their new school classes. It was good because they were able to get to know some of the kids in their new classes better. The kids all had a good time.These are some of the boys(whom I don't know) gathered around the food table. My good friend Kelly is in the black swim suit next to them and Annie is in the background in black. Kelly is Emma's other mother. More pictures of her will come soon because she gets her braces off next week and will start allowing pictures to be taken again.
I met Annie when Jeff and I came to look at houses. I would call her for info about the ward before we moved out here. She was a great help.

Shawnee and Tawny. Good friends from California that moved to Utah in June and now live down our street. we love their family.
Emma and friends. Good friend Kennady is in the pink next to her. Tara ( another good friend of mine and Kennady's mom) is in the background.
Silly Emma.
Cute little Aubry. Her mother is my good friend Cindy. Those are her feet with the pink shoes on in the back of the picture. Someday she will let me get a picture of her again.
I told Aubry to smile for the camera and she went right up to the camera and gave me this big smile.
Cute Kwincy, Tara's little girl.
Emma with her good friend Madison. She is Kelly's daughter and Emma spends a lot of time at their house.
Madison(new friend from school), Emma and Madison
Olivia and friends. I didn't get many pictures of Olivia for some reason. I guess she was busy playing and I was busy talking. Typical.

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Shanna said...

Will you PLEASE teach Shawnee how to blog so I can keep in touch with what she is up to! I don't even have a phone number for her! Pass on the word! Thanks!! And I LOVE your blog, your family is adorable.