Wednesday, September 16, 2009

EGGciting Day

In May, we gave away our big chickens because they were eating their eggs and got baby chicks to replace them. Yesterday we got our first egg! We were so excited! It is a beautiful, perfect egg - just a little small but that's how they start out.
This happened on the same day Jeff came home with a few more chicks given to him by someone at the hospital.

Here are the newest chicks. One parent was a sex-link(1/2 leg-horn, half Rhode Island Red) and the other parent was an Americauna. It will be interesting to see what they look like when they are older.

First egg. Now to figure out who laid it.

Whoops! We have a rooster. Don't know how long we"ll keep him but he's beautiful.
Jeff and I were out by the chickens when they all ran for cover. We looked up and some big birds were flying over. This chicken was listening/looking very intently at the birds overhead and ready to run if need be.
What the?
I don't know how this picture of Richard's companion got on here!
Jeff's lady friends (and now a rooster too)
Look at that perfect egg! You can't tell in the picture that it is a smaller version of a normal egg.

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Cherie said...

I love your new background!

How fun to really get an egg out of one of your chickens.
OK that made me laugh after I typed it because what is more natural than that...right? Except most people don't have chickens anymore.
I bet it is a fun thing for your family!