Thursday, December 25, 2008

M&M's Sweet Sixteen excellent adventure

We didn't know Madi and Mikayla's 16th birthday was going to turn out to be such a fun adventure for them. On the day of their birthday we had a few friends over for dinner and cake in the 1 hour between basketball and mutual. Then the plan was to drive out to California as a family and let them go to the Rocklin dance where they would be able to see many friends all in one place. Weather conditions were not looking good on either end and we had to tell them they weren't going to be able to go back to California for their birthday at the last minute. Jeffrey suggested the train and to make a long story short, we put them on the train the next night. I only have pictures of Madi in California because no matter how many times I told Mikayla to be sure and get pictures, it didn't happen. Her loss. Madi stayed at a couple different friends homes in Rocklin and Mikayla stayed at the Davis's in Antelope. I wanted to make their 16th special and with moving away from all their friends and then with bad weather conditions, I was really worried it wasn't going to happen. It did happen though and they had an adventure they will never forget. Thanks to mother for her willingness to pick them up and drive them around.
Train station in Tahoe

Trevor at the party Alissa held for Madi.
Tanner, Madi and Alissa at the party.
Riley and Madi
Cami and Madi at the dance
Carly and Madi - Cami in background
Madi with best buddy Bryce - these two are on the phone together all the time
View from train - I'm guessing in Nevada somewhere.
train station at 4 in the morning
View from train through Tahoe
Mikayla's half of their little room on the train- but at least they had a room with beds.

Precious picture from their 5th birthday.

Party at home on the day of their birthday
Madi and Ashley
Madi(another one) and Mikayla
Madi, Shane, Madi, Mikayla, Claron and Ashley
I brought brownies to basketball practice since they had it on their birthday. A bunch of tall basketball girls and a cute little dancer.

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