Monday, February 22, 2010

First Car Accident

Madi and Mikayla went home for lunch on Friday. On their way back to school they were hit from behind by another car with a bunch of high school boys in it coming back from lunch also. Jeff and I were out having lunch together when I got a call from Madi. The first thing she says was "ok..." and from the tone of her voice I knew exactly what happened. I am very thankful they weren't hurt but there was some serious damage done to their car. By the time Jeff and I got to the accident, some other boys had come to pick up the boys involved and it looked like a party going on. Four of the boys were crammed in the back of M&M's car(along with their friend Hollie) and one of their mothers(a friend of ours) came back around with hot chocolate for all of them. Only in Utah. The poor girls no longer have a car to drive. Or is it poor me because I no longer have extra drivers?

February 19, 2010

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Fairy Godmother said...

Bummer! I'm dying for Mal to drive but scared at the same time. Ugh...the balance???