Thursday, January 8, 2009

Body Worlds

Body Worlds

We had a fun day together Saturday in Salt Lake. We went to Body Worlds and then out to lunch at Crown Burger. Body Worlds was fascinating. My favorite part was where they showed every stage of a fetus growing from about a week along up to nine months. They had actual fetus's at every month. We got there at a good time. There were no lines at all when we went in but when we were leaving the lines were downstairs and upstairs weaving in and out of the ropes. That would have added a good two hours at least onto the viewing.
We rarely ever eat fast food, we would prefer running to a grocery store for something to eat but Jeff wanted us to try Crown Burger so we went. It wasn't bad for a fast food joint. They have indian food mixed with american there. I have more pictures of us at lunch then at Body worlds because they obviously wouldn't let us take pictures inside.

Inside the Leonardo where Body World's was displayed.

Heading back down to the car. Where's Jeffrey?
My cute teenage girls. I can't believe how old and cute they all are. It blows me away that I have girls this old.

Jeff and the cute littel girls. It is so much fun having little ones still. I love thier imaginations and excitement for everything.

everyone digging in to their lunch. aside from a few stomach aches later because they are not used to fast food, it was enjoyable.
Jeff told Emma to eat her crust. Later I looked at her plate and all she did was nibble it down a little closer to the crust . Cute kid!
My cute Emma.
The girls' day was topped off with a box waiting for them on the doorstep when we got home. Bryce from California sent them a Christmas/birthday present. He was very generous( a little too generous) and it made Madi and Mikayla's day.

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