Monday, May 3, 2010

So Busy, So Fun

If my computer would let me, I would have everything that I have been so busy with the past month up with pictures on my blog. But since my computer is having issues(nothing new) I will make note of all the fun I have been up to without pictures and will post with pictures when I can.
Taylor had a great birthday that lasted for days, mom came up, visited/had dinner with several relatives, Madi and Mikayla had their first prom, Women's conference, craft faires with Shawnee, friends having babies, fugitive, spring cleaning, missionaries for dinner(which doesn't happen much in Utah), making my first wheat bread with Jeff, helping Taylor with her campaign for secretary at school, Madi winning for president in her economics class, camp, camp and more camp prep, and JEFF FINDING HIS GENEALOGY BACK TO ADAM! Jeff has always been so jealous of all the info I have on my ancestors. I may have lots of info but he has a record that goes back much further than anything I have. Amazing!
Been having fun will post pictures when I can.


rad6 said...

Cant wait to see the pics... at least we got to see prom on fb.
happy busy-ness!
Love ya

Fairy Godmother said...

Wow -- you ARE busy!

Candice Rose Humes said...

Hey when are you gonna post again?! I miss hearing about whats going on! XOXO