Sunday, March 8, 2009

My special day with my favorite people

Its finally moms birthday and now she is 41! For her birthday all the family went to the Draper Temple open house. It was so cold. To get there we had to take a bus. Taylor was way grossed out at the bus not knowing who sat there or how many germs and gross things were on that seat. When we got off the bus we had to go through a tunnel just to get there, it took half the trip. But when we got into the temple it was b-e-a-utiful. This took a while and the kids were not enjoying it so much. The older kids might have enjoyed it. Anyways mom thought it was very nice though, and who knows what dad was doing. These are Taylor's thoughts on my birthday.
Now for mine. It was a fun day with breakfast at Mimi's, dinner at U-Food and a tour of the Draper Temple.

Everyone had someplace they had to be in the morning except Emma so Jeff took me and Emma to breakfast at Mimi's. Usually this is where my parents take me with my siblings on my birthday but now that we live a couple states away, I guess it will be Jeff's job now... one more thing he has to pay for.

If you have never been to U-Food Grill, you need to go. When I first moved to Utah I looked U-food up on line to see if they had one anywhere in Utah. They just opened the first one in January in Draper. It's about a half hour away but well worth the drive. They will soon be opening one in Salt Lake too which will be even closer. It is good food that is healthy food also. LOVE IT!

This is one of my favorites at U-Food. Chicken Bruschetta with unfries and mashed sweet potatoes.
When we got home from dinner and the temple I had a message on my phone from my good friend Becky. She is now at the top of my list of favorite friends since she was the only one to remember my birthday and call to wish me a happy birthday. What a good friend. We have been friends for about 27 years now. WOW! We worked at McDonald's together, Lucky Supermarket as bakery/deli girls, we've been in each others wedding lines, I almost killed her in a car accident ... how much closer can you get? Thanks Becky for remembering.
Here's the family in line waiting to enter the temple. They put up a temporary tunnel thingy to walk through with some heaters here and there but it was still cold. We had fun being silly while waiting though.
Happy birthday to me!
By the way, the card on the table is a card from my sweet Mikayla. She still loves me even through her teen years with my pushing and prodding, encouraging and all the other things I do to/for her.
We got home a little late from our evening. Most of us were determined to still have cake... but some of us couldn't make it.
I had mom and dad get me two of these books for my birthday. It is called "I am a Child of God". I wanted two because some picutes are on the same page and I am going to frame the pictures in it with the cute sayings and put them on the wall in the kids play room. I have wanted to do this since Olivia got this book from her sweet primary teacher Sis. Rackham and her daughter, our good friend Micki, when she was three. love the pictures and sayings.


Cherie said...

Happy Birthday!! I guess by the ages of your kids you would probably have to be 41 but you sure do not look it!

It was a great weekend for birthdays we had one too!

I have never heard of U-Food I will have to look that up next time we are in Utah. Looks good.

dmd said...

Happy Birthday Carolyn! I love, love, love the pics of you and the family! We miss you guys!


rad6 said...

Hey you.. congrats on getting old. I have not checked on your blog for a while... darn! love ya. Glad you had a great day!