Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

It was all about the color green today. Well, all accept for our clothes. Green is not one of my favorite colors on me so I don't own anything green. Some of the kids wore green and Jeffrey wore green underwear and Madi wore a bracelet with green in it. We started the day with the downstairs bathroom toilet green. The little ones were a little surprised when they saw that. None of us even know why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day but to us, it's just another reason to party and we love it.

The kids had Apple Jacks for a green(ish) breakfast.
Yummy green lunch.
Olivia's friend Megan may not look like she's wearing green but she had green bands put on her braces.
Cute kids ready for their St. Patrick's Day dinner. Look at Madi and Mikayla, even at their age they still enjoy when we do things like have an all green dinner. Aren't they pretty girls?
Still cute.
Those are big donuts on the table that they make at our local grocery store. They had all kinds of green bread products today. Jeffrey is drinking so he didn't have to try to smile. He says he can't smile anymore.
Jeff's eyes are as green as the donut he is eating.
Oh, but the kids said mine were as blue as my shirt. You can't really tell in this picture but this was a better picture of me than the one where you could really tell.
Taylor is so beautiful with such a sweet personality. Look out boys!

Look at what Emma caught Olivia doing!


Cherie said...

Those doughnuts are HUGE - Holy smokes I am craving now :D

Love the green toilet - ha ha!

BTW - Your family is beautiful - your kids are all so cute sitting around the table.

Washington Family said...

Very pretty girls and your son is such a STUD! Hee hehe All the green looks so fun!

Bobbi Jo said...

You are my kind of fun gal. I love to celebrate all the holidays with my family.
I am enjoying your blog. Hugs, Bobbi Jo