Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emma's Big Day(s)

Emma had her birthday on the 22nd and turned 8 eight years old. Our last to be baptized. A milestone that says our kids are getting too old. Where are my babies? Thankfully, Emma has willingly agreed to always be my baby. Her teacher gave her a cake mix and candles for her birthday with a cute poem. I thought that was a creative and fun gift and so did Emma. Happy Birthday Emma!

Emma decorated her cake just the way she wanted it- even with no frosting and a few bites taken out of it.

She had a tea party for her birthday on Friday with some of her friends. They had a good time.
Madi and Mikayla were the waitresses for the day. I wanted cute little sandwiches and petit fors for food but because we were signing for our home that day, I ran out of time to do all that I wanted to do. Jeff suggested wheat thins with that spray cheese and lunchables. The kids actually loved them and ate everything.
See how fancy lunchable crackers can look on a tray?
Emma invited Olivia to her party too and they got matching dresses to wear.

On her real birthday which was Sunday we had cake with some of her friends. Actually Kennady,standing next to her, is her friend and we invited her sister and little brother to come too.
Emma before the guests came to her party on Friday.
We had a pinata for her party on Friday but I broke it. Jeff fixed it and we did it on Sunday instead while we had her friends over for cake. This is River hitting it. He is such a cute kid.
I like this picture because you can see River blowing also.
Sunday was a very long day for Emma. Before we had cake, we had the Draper temple dedication. She got to go since she turned eight that day. We had to go a half hour early to the church to get a good seat, then wait an another hour for it to start and then it was an hour and a half long program. I kept telling her how neat it was that she got to go with us but I don't think she was feeling the same way.

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Cherie said...

Well if we are fixing our 13 year olds up we might as well fix our 8 year olds up too! They can date when they are 18 also!! She is a doll!

Love the party - It feel so long since my girls were little and we had a "foo foo" party! So fun! Lovin' all that pink.

Happy Birthday!!! I am sure the Baptism will be soon. How fun that she got to go to the Temple dedication - Just made it :)