Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too Many Pictures of our New House

I am putting these pictures up so mom and dad can see the house. That is the great thing about my blog. Mom and dad can see almost immediately what we are up to.
Here is our new home in Kaysville, Utah. I call it my practical home because it has everything I need and is the perfect size for our family. It is 5000 sq. ft. and has 6 bedrooms. I love that there is so much storage and that everything can have it's place. As Grandma Dorius always said, " A place for everything and everything in it's place".

The kids complain because it looks so small from the outside. I agree there are a lot of homes around it that put it to shame with their size and beauty, but it works for me.

This is what I do not like. There is a wall between the kitchen and family room but, oh well they are both still beautiful rooms.

Extra large garage. I can put my Suburban in it and still have room to get out(on my side) and even open the back door. Jeff plans on putting a shop in the very back of the single side again.
This is a hall in the basement. Two of those doors are storage closets. The other is a future laundry room.
Downstairs bedrooms. Jeffrey and Taylor's rooms. And guest/craft room.
Basement family room.
Another hall in the basement. The door on the left goes into the family room. I am considering taking out that wall to open up the basement more. The other doors on the right are more storage closets.
This is the loft upstairs. It will soon be known as the "Study" as soon as we get desks and shelves put in.
This is upstairs. There are 2 bedrooms and the loft. I am standing in one of the rooms so you can see from one side to the other. The bedrooms up here are huge. I think they are 14' x 17'.
Front door, office and the great spot we found for the clock.
Obviously the back of the house. One door is from the family room and the other is from the master bedroom.
Backyard. We have a lot of work to do. If you look closely, you can see the fence in the back where the property line is. It's just in front of all the farm stuff.
I love this just off the laundry room. Jeff is in the middle of putting hooks up.
This is the master bedroom.
Pretty fireplace with tiles.
Family room. We got the furniture and pictures with the house.
Breakfast nook.


rad6 said...

wow, looks just practical and little... almost big enough for your family. ...NOT!!!!!! The place is stinkin' huge. You are livin' the high life for sure. You crack me up!
Looks beautiful. Congratulations.
Did you end up staying in the same ward? I know you really wanted to do that.

Carolyn said...

I'm laughing now. Ok,it is big but it doesn't feel any bigger than yours and yours looks so much bigger. I knew that wouldn't sound right the way I put it. We don't know yet if we are staying in the same ward. It is out of the boundaries but with the issues my girls are having, we are trying to stay in the same ward at least for the next couple years. Not sure how I feel about that but we'll see what happens.

Cherie said...

Beautiful home! It looks so spacious for all of your kids! I love the fireplace with the wood and the small tiles - so pretty!

Our house, while not nearly as large, also looks small from the front. It is kind of funny the reactions from people after they have been inside.

Looks like you have a nice big yard too! And lots of work - it will be a fun summer project for your family :D

Bobbi Jo said...

Love your new home! Congratulations on finding such a wonderful home for your family.
I would love to have more storage they just don't make those kind of homes in Arizona.
I put a shout out on my Health blog http://thehealthhabit.blogspot.com/ and on my kitchen blog http://insidebobbijoskitchen.blogspot.com/
Loving your blogs.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sharp Family said...

Love your new home! Can't wait to come visit again!

Carolyn said...