Friday, March 6, 2009

I got a new job

I got a new job. Ok, it's not really a job but a service. I volunteer at the Bishop's Storehouse every Thursday. When I first walked in this week a sister there told me the spirit is very strong here and I will have many spiritual experiences. My first thought was I can't have too many of those because I get too emotional and cry too easily. I really want to be able to serve though so I am willing to deal with it. It is great. We come in at 9:00 and have devotional at 9:30. The devotional was a really neat experience. Prayers and scriptures are shared talking about how we are all in need and how we need to help each other(tears start falling). I am a host so after the devotional I wait for families to come in that I may help with their food order. All walks of life came in my first day. It is hard to see so many struggling right now with the economy how it is. It was especially hard for me to see men come in to pick up orders for their families. What a great help the welfare system is for all of us in times of need though. I know I am going to grow a lot from this experience.

This is the Bishop's Storehouse in Kaysville.

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