Tuesday, March 31, 2009

General Young Women's Meeting

Tanya(my cousin's wife) and I took our girls to the Young Women's meeting at the conference center. It is a neat opportunity to be back here in Utah and be able to participate in these programs. We went to dinner first and then the program. The start of another tradition.

Mikayla, Taylor, Renae(cousin) and Madison in the Joseph Smith Building waiting to get in to eat.

Awful picture(of me anyway) but it is a picture of all of us together... my flash didn't work either.
I loved that they had the flags up around Temple Square in the Young Women's value colors.

Madi grabbed my camera on the way home and the girls were goofing off.
So cute and happy.


rad6 said...

How fun. It was a great meeting! Glad you could go. Tell Tanya hi for us!
Renee is so old! Weird. just because I have not seen her. She is still like 9 or 10 in my mind.

Kiera said...

ok... i love taylors dress!!! and madi thats mikaylas sweatshirt... haha... (i bought it for her for christmas) lol