Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taylor's Birthday Party

Taylor turned 13 this week. There is no shortage of friends for Taylor since moving out here. This is only some of them that could make it to her party. Actually others showed up after this picture was taken too. She had a fun night of just hanging out with friends. We love having Taylor in our family. She is always so happy and positive and fun to be around. One of her best traits is her ability to love everyone. She is great with those that may not feel a part of the group(something President Monson spoke on at our Young Women meeting last night). I see this at church all the time and her leaders love her because of it. Happy birthday Taylor!

Look at all these girly colors. She used to be such a tomboy - not anymore.

They were watching Twilight, or it was on anyway, and I am not sure what they were doing here all gathered around the television but they were having fun whatever it was.

Love this picture. Do you see the swedish fish in the air she is trying to catch? She missed.

My second action shot. Look at the whip cream falling from her hand.


Carolyn said...

actually it was madi who took the last picture...=D

Bobbi Jo said...

What a fun time for your sweet Taylor. Looks like they had a blast! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Cherie said...

Taylor you have a GREAT name!!

Happy Birthday!

I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE the huge gathering of girls - So much fun :D