Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let The Competition Begin

Mikayla and Taylor both do dance. The dance they are doing here in Utah is competitive dance. Mikayla is doing jazz and Taylor is doing hip hop.
After practicing all year, competition has begun. Apparently, we chose the right studio because really, there does not seem to be any competition. Even with the obvious mistakes some of the girls on Taylor's team made, they still came in first place. Mikayla's group came in first the last two weeks. They are both doing well and having fun.

They dressed in 80's clothes for Mikalya's dance and Taylor's are just hip hop clothes.
I had to put this pictures in because Taylor was so mad because of the girls that messed up and made her look bad. They were in the wrong spot so Taylor had to move over to their spot in the middle of the dance in order for it to look right.
Mikayla dancing away.
Mikayla's in the back. I couldn't get pictures of Taylor because the camera was left out in the car. Next week. I will also try to put a movie up next time.


Cherie said...

Love their costumes!

Do make a movie it would be fun to see them dance!

Bobbi Jo said...

What fun they must be having. Enjoying the pictures and the great costumes. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Kiera said...

mikayla... thats HOT!!! lol