Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Conference Weekend

Conference weekend is a great tradition in our home. Everything else is canceled so that we may sit and listen to the message prepared for us to hear from our prophet and other church leaders. It is a weekend the whole family looks forward to. For the kids it is probably not so much because they get to sit and hear from our leaders for 8 hours, but because it is family time and there is lots of good food.
This weekend was also a good start to our Easter vacation.

The blankets were on the floor to eat on top of , not to sleep inside of.
It's all about the food over conference weekend. Homemade cinnamon rolls are a must have.
Poor Madi was very sick this weekend.
In between sessions Saturday Jeff and the kids built a chicken run for the chickens.


nono said...

مدونتك رائعه بل فوق الرائعه وننتظر المزيد ارجوا زياره مدونتى

Bobbi Jo said...

You gotta love conference weekend. I just love those! Hugs, Bobbi Jo