Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Emma's Baptism Day

I Almost Forgot: The neatest thing about Emma's baptism was that as we were driving into the parking lot of the church building, Jeff realized Emma was being baptized at the same building he was baptized at 19 years earlier. It brought back fond memories for Jeff of his baptism day and the sister missionaries who taught him.

We went home to California for Emma's baptism and were able to have many members of the family in attendance. Uncle Richard presided over and conducted the meeting. Aunt Mena gave the talk on baptism and Grandma Wright gave the talk on the Holy Ghost while Aunt Holly and Aunt Salli offered the prayers. Uncle Tony and Uncle Mario were the witnesses for the baptism, Madi was the pianist and Lindsey was the chorister. Emma's baptism was a beautiful experience. She started crying during one of the songs and told me later that she was crying because she was so happy. I explained to her that, that was the spirit she felt and she was so happy to know that she was able to feel it. Emma is a great girl, so full of love and kindness. We love having her as the caboose in our family. Did I mention the weather was perfect? Something we haven't seen in a while.

Here is a full body shot of the dress Emma chose. Grandma Woods wins for choosing the right dress with Ruth in second place for choosing it along with #2.

Emma with all her girl cousins that were able to make it.
Emma with Jeffrey and her boy cousins
Hailey was Emma's buddy at the baptism. She is the youngest of the cousins.
Emma with Uncle Tony.
Madi and Mikayla with Miranda(their friend from Rocklin). In our old Rocklin ward we had many youth with names that started with M. We had, Madison, Madison, Miranda, Miranda, Marissa, Mikayla, Merrin, McKenzie, Megan and I'm sure I am forgetting some. I would sometimes get tongue tied but I loved them all.
The boys went outside to hide the Easter eggs.
Uncle Richard with Claire and his mom,Grandma Hoopes.
Uncle Tony with Lindsey
I took this picture because I noticed Mikayla was helping Hailey with her lunch and I thought it was sweeet.
One of these things is not like the others, some of these things are kind of the same, can you guess which thing is not like the others now before I finish this song! Hee Hee
Mom, Holly, me, Tam Hoopes, Aunt Salli, Mena
We had an Easter egg hunt after the baptism for the younger kids. When I said "all kids under 12 line up by me", there were only about 6 of them. The grandkids are all growing up. It wasn't too long ago that under 12 was most of the grandkids.

These two cousins, Taylor and Stone, are still best buddies. They are a week apart and if they had it their way, they would still have all their birthdays together.

Uncle Tony with his nieces.
I loved this picture of Jeffrey and Stone carrying "the princess for the day".


Bobbi Jo said...

Congratulations to Emma for her decision to be Baptized. What a wonderful and special day. She looks so beautiful!
Thank you for sharing all the great pictures. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Cherie said...

She looks just beautiful in dress #1 and no pink hair! ha ha
I think it is neat that you went home so she could have her baptism with so many family members - that is THE best!
I remember with one of our girls we actually put off her Baptism for a couple months so we could have more family there - it just makes it so special!
I love that she felt the spirit during the story.
Congratulations Emma!

Cherie said...

Oops I guess it was a song but you knew what I meant :D

Kiera said...

i cant believe that the weekend you guys were in cali i was in utah!!!!!! we will have to see each other this summer...
love ya

ps... congratulations emma... you look gorgeous

dawn said...

What a sweet and beautiful young girl. This is one of those days that you will treasure your whole life. I'm so happy you made this important decision and that you were surrounded by those who love you most.
The Lord bless you Emma as you continue on this marvelous path of righteousness. Aunt Dawn (Hermana Dorius)

Carolyn said...
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Carolyn said...

thank you for that wonderful message
aunt dawn
love Emma