Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Chicken Coop

Jeff has been working hard on a new chicken coop. Ours is a little small and we would also like to get a few more chickens. He is having fun building it and is pretty proud of his work. here he is hard at work.

Jeff stopped at a house along the road because he saw wood sitting around their house. They were putting in a new fence. Jeff asked if he could have their old wood but somebody had already beaten him to it. They later called him and said they still had some extra wood if he would like it. Perfectly good wood for free.

Jeffrey is a big help and it is good for them to work together on it.

More pictures to come as he progresses.


Cherie said...

How fun. Do you collect the eggs and use them?
Do you raise the chicks and then eat them?
I bet the kids love it!

Carolyn said...

We collect the eggs and eat them. We get 2-3 a day. We want more chickens so we get more than that, that's why we are getting more chickens. We won't eat the chickens though - just can't do it. We would like to get chicks to raise too.

MOMSWEB said...

This is so cool! I enjoyed visiting your blog and I actually went through each post (smile). Have a great day!