Thursday, April 30, 2009


I thought it was time I highlighted my Schmeffers(Jeffrey). He is such a good kid - such righteous desires. I have always said he is going to be prophet someday. He is so gentle and loving to his sisters and always obedient to his mother and father and I am not exaggerating when I say ALWAYS. My father described him perfectly when he said, referring to Jeffrey, "There has never been a more perfect child on the earth except the Savior". I can honestly say I have NEVER had a problem with him. He has never talked back to me and never argues when he is asked to do something. I don't know how I was so blessed to be given such a special spirit but I am thankful I have been. He has been so busy focusing on school that I feel he has been neglected on our blog. Here are just a couple things he has been up to.

In his honors class, Earth Science and Geology, they take field trips to all the universities for what is called NUMUN, Northern Utah Model United Nations. What happens is the honors students are divided into pairs, and each pair is assigned a country. He was assigned to represent Libya, and his topic to debate was human trafficking, or the modern slave trade. His school placed second, and he recieved an award for excellence. He loves that they get dressed up for these. Here, he is also holding his manila folder that he brings with him to all these field trips. This trip was to the U of U. He left at 7:00 in the morning and didn't come home until after 6:00. He also recently had a fun language fair field trip to BYU with his Spanish 2 class. He was in the language bowl category, where random questions were asked of each team member. His team took first place when he answered the last question of the competition correctly.

He also wrestled again this year. This is a picture Emma took last night at his banquet. Five dollars for the whole family to eat dinner - if for no other reason we went for that. He was not really into wrestling this year though because of his busy school schedule but he enjoyed it.


Carolyn said...

Dad says,

Great job Jeffrey! I love having you in our family. Keep up the good work. Keep representing Lybia and some day you will be President!


Cherie said...

He sounds like a really super great kiddo! Is he your only boy?
He sounds like he is really smart too - I love all the opportunities he has, it sounds wonderful especially the model UN.

Candice Humes said...

of course, jeffrey is amazing! cool kid!