Monday, April 20, 2009

St. George, Utah

We took our first trip to St. George on Saturday. Taylor and Mikayla had a dance competition at Dixie College. None of us have ever been there before. I thought it was beautiful. I was impressed with how clean and well kept all the streets we went down were. We have a lot of pictures because we filled our one day there with a lot of activities. We left about 6:30 in the morning and returned home at 3:30am. Now that we have seen what there is to do there, for next year's competition we will make a whole weekend out of it.

I love these pictures of the kids sleeping on the way to St. George.

First thing we did in St. George was go to the college so Taylor could do her dance. She is in the middle up front in this picture.
Jeff took videos of the dance, I just need to figure out how to download onto the blog.
After Taylor's dance we went to In 'N' Out for lunch. Apparently everyone else from the dance comp. did too. It was packed. We ate out in front of the dinosaur museum.

They had a fun sandbox where you could dig up fossils.

After lunch we went to the temple. Actually, we went down Main St. first to find real live polygamists because we heard they can be found down that street. Our friends saw some but we weren't so lucky. The kids were disappointed. it reminded me of going down Castro St. in San Francisco. The grounds were so pretty at the temple, I wanted to take a ton of pictures but of course no one wanted me taking their picture so I didn't get as many as I wanted or the shots I wanted.

You always have to get this shot don't you?
When my family was walking ahead of me, the song that came to me was "I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday..." . It was neat to think of my whole family heading to the temple.

This was taken at Brigham Young's winter home which I didn't even know he had. I believe it was in his older years he went here for health reasons.
We did a little climbing too. It wasn't a big climb but it was really fun. I think the kids enjoyed this part of the trip the most. Here, they didn't want me to stop taking pictures. There were several people getting professional pictures taken. A bride was taking pictures in her white dress. If she had to climb anywhere for a shot, she put a garbage bag with holes in it for her legs on to protect her dress. It was funny looking.

Here is Jeffrey on top of the scary jack-o-lantern.

Jeffrey got to this point and then I told him to come down now.

I couldn't go this far with them. I realized I am a little uncomfortable up that high when there is a ledge you can fall off of. SCARY! Beautiful view though, you can even see the temple behind them.

"Who are these children coming down...". I only wish I had a sword for Jeffrey to be holding up. You know, Saturday's Warrior's?

This is where we were climbing. Everyone went up on top of the Dixie but me. I climbed other areas behind this that felt safer.
Then it was back to the dance competition for Mikayla to perform. She is on the far end.
She's in the back on the right. Mikayla finished up just after 10:00pm and we headed home so Jeff could make his 6:30 am meeting at church the next day. Did he make it after only three hours of sleep? No.


Cherie said...

Fun pictures! I love the red rock climbing pictures and that one picture TOTALLY looks like Saturday's Warrior!!
OK I had to laugh at the Polygamist/Castro Street comparison - TOTALLY get it!! Ha ha

Between your pic's and Ruth's I feel like I have been on a trip to St. George myself :D

rad6 said...

Fun to see your pics. I am glad that you decided to go and I can tell from the pics that you are too. Love the pic of your family walking toward the temple and your thoughts. So many fun pics, and we were just there. great!

Sharp Family said...

Looks like a lot of fun!