Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

Most of these pictures are of Easter Sunday. We spent Easter morning at Mena's where the kids all hunted for their baskets then it was off to church. We went to the Rocklin ward. It was so fun to see our friends there, they are like family. It really made us want to still be there. On the way home from church we stopped by to see our old neighbors Mark and Ruth. They had all their kids over. It was fun to see them all. They put together a fun basket of goodies for us for our drive home. I wish I would have remembered to take a picture there. We then had dinner over at mom and dads with most of the family. It was a night of yummy food, relaxing and visiting. For dessert we headed back down to Rocklin to visit our good friends the Zufelt's. They are such a great family, we love hanging out with them.

Dad took the adults out to dinner the first night we came into town. Mom had fun with the kids while we were gone and made them dinner and had fun Easter activities for them to do. We had yummy Japanese food for dinner but the service was a joke. Dingy,dingy waitress but it was quite entertaining to watch and listen to her. I thought for a minute we were on the Hidden Camera show!

Mena, Richard and Tony relaxing after a satisfying Easter dinner.

Claire and Olivia having fun being together again.

Candice, Lindsey, Madi,Tracey and Salli. I loved Lindsey's freaky eyes in this picture so I didn't edit and fix them.
Easter morning after the baskets were found.
Poor Mikayla took the longest to find her basket. The Easter bunny hid it really well.
Jeffrey and Stone eating chocolate at 7:00 in the morning.
Olivia and her fairy bunny.
Emma with her fairy bunny.
The Zufelt clan minus Carter who is on his mssion. Zach will be heading out soon on his mission too. The Zufelt's have 5 boys and 1 girl which is the opposite of us with 5 girls and one boy. We keep telling Jeffrey and Rachel they need to switch houses every now and then so Jeffrey can be around boys and Rachel can be around girls.
I'm thinking Kelly wins for silliest face in this picture.
Jeff and Zach have a great bond between them. Jeff was Zach's counselor in young mens when he was a Teacher. They hit it off really well and are still close.

This is in the car on our way back home to Utah. Grandma and Grandpa set the girls up with fun things to do on the way home so they were anxious to get on the road.
The weather was nice out and Donner looked beautiful as we passed by as did all of the Tahoe area.


Richard said...

We had a great time with you, thanks for coming out and planning the baptism here. The Woods are welcome anytime!

Hillary Hall said...

I caught on to your blog through Big Richard's letter to Little Richard. It looks like you had a great CA trip. We'd love to have you guys down to Eagle Mountain sometime. I think it takes about 1 hr or 1 1/2 hrs to get here from Kaysville. Or are you guys in Layton? I can't remember. Now you've got to come so we can catch up.

Craig and Stacey Perkins said...

Carolyn!!!! It is Stacey perviously Taylor, I found you through the Basset's blog! Everyone is so grown up? Where in Utah do you live?