Friday, July 3, 2009

MY Vacation

I cam home from my trip to California and Jeff said he had a couple surgeries in St. George the next day. He was going to have to stay overnight so I decided it would be fun to join him. We have never left the kids alone before but none of them cared if we went so we did it. Our first stop was in Provo to say goodbye to Elder Zach Zufelt who was leaving for his mission later that day. It was so fun to see his family and see him before he left. He is going to be a great missionary just like his older brother Carter. The rest of the trip didn't go exactly as planned. Jeff's first surgery went really late and he didn't finish up until 11:30 pm. I spent the day by myself. The next day the surgery went longer than expected also so again I was by myself. By the time he was done we needed to start heading home before it got too late. I thought we would be able to spend a little time together on this trip but that didn't happen. Oh well. It's nice to have alone time every now and then too - but for me it can't be too often. I'm a people person.

Zach with his mother Kelly.

Jeff and Zach

Some of the Zufelt clan and a few cousins too.

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