Monday, July 20, 2009

Trip to California July 2009

The kids and I took a trip to California to visit friends and family and for a memorial service for Grandma Ottoboni who passed away.

As we were passing the Salt flats I realized Olivia and Emma were probably really young the last time we pulled over to get a better look at the salt. When we would visit Salt Lake when I was young, I remember always stopping to play in the Salt and leave a message in it - so we stopped again this time.

Our first meal while back in California was at In 'N' Out. They don't have one in the Salt Lake area so we were missing it.

We needed to swim to cool off while in California -it was 108 almost the whole time we were there.

Mena and Stone
Taylor didn't want to swim because she was already ready for the day.
I got to visit some of my good friends that I miss. This is me with my friend Sheryse. After having her son take about 20 shots we settled for this one realizing they weren't going to get any better.
Lunch with Becky and Kerrie
We did a little little window shopping at the new stores by the Galleria Mall.
Me, Becky and Sheryse

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