Friday, July 24, 2009

Dating Life

Oh, to be sixteen again. Does it get any funner? What I think is neat is that a lot of dates Madi and Mikayla go on they go on together. Although they cannot go on single dates yet so maybe that's why but boys seem to ask them out together anyway. I think the girls like going together too. These are boys from our new ward. They are great boys, very responsible, spiritual,they have their priorities straight and they are gentlemen. On this particular date the boys made them dinner, they played volleyball, watched a movie and just talked. Of course Jeff and I gave them a hard time before they left about curfews, making good choices etc. but they like us so it was ok.
what I noticed after taking this picture was that it looks like Aeropstale and American Eagle are the clothes to wear right now. Madi doesn't have a label on her clothes but her shorts are from American Eagle and her shirt is from Aeropostale. Too funny.

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Csndice Rose Humes said...

does mikayla need to pee in this picture? cute boys though...