Sunday, July 12, 2009

Madison and Mikayla July 2009

I love my sweet girls. They were sitting on my bed talking to me and I thought they looked especially pretty so I had Jeff get the camera. Aren't they cute? As I watch them together and with friends I can see that although they really like their friends, no one can come between them and they truly are best friends. I am so proud of the fine young women they are becoming and the good choices they make. I can honestly say that I never have those days when they drive me crazy. It is probably because they never argue with me and are honest with me. I know they aren't perfect but I do know they have a desire to do what's right and that's all I want from them. Thanks for being a joy to be around girls! I love you both.


rad6 said...

ok, these pics are amazing. And so are your girls. I loved chatting with maddie last week... can't say I talked to Kiera and mikayla much. They are great girls. And they have a great mom.
Love you all!

dawn said...

Precious girls who have dear parents. You should be proud of them!
Hermana Dorius

Cherie said...

They are beautiful!