Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More California Friends

We drove around Saturday and visited some of our Rocklin friends. We visited with the Cooks and brought Amy(Olivia's best friend) to get an ice cream with us. We ate at Round Table with the Zufelt's and then went back to their home for games. It was so fun seeing these families, they are some of our favorite people.

Amy, Olivia and Emma.

Taylor and Torri - they share the same birthday.
Mikayla. Luke and Madi
Amy has always been taller than Olivia but this is getting a little ridiculous now.
Madi and Mikayla's friend Trevor works at Round Table. He took very good care of us while we were there.
Rachel, Emma and Olivia -cute girls.
Zufelt's and Woods enjoying yummy pizza.With two of their boys on missions and Jeff gone, we don't look like such a big group anymore when we get together.
The girls with Alex.
Jeffrey and Jacob made plans to go to EFY together next year.

Games back at the Zufelt's.
And then Jacob got a hold of the camera.
This is too funny. Brian was trying to prove to us the words he made were real words - didn't happen.

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