Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dinner at Tony's

Tony was nice enough to cook a yummy dinner for us while we were in California. We had a fun time visiting and enjoyed the meal - thanks for having us over Tony and Tracey.

Mikayla helped with the potatoes.

Olivia and Emma played while dinner was being prepared.
OF COURSE Jeffery enjoyed looking at all of Uncle Tony's airplane magazines.
Madi helping with dinner.
Tony dishing up the food - he is such a good cook.
My plate - chicken tenders, red potatoes with sage and artichokes with the dip inside them.
Candice and Parker joined us for dinner also.

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Csndice Rose Humes said...

what with mikayla wearing all the spaghetti strip shirts?... tell her i am disappointed and i will have a strength of youth pamphlet in the mail for her so she can give it a quick glance ;)