Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Pictures from California Trip

These are just random pictures that for some reason I didn't put on the other posts but I want for my book.

When Mena and I went to the movies one night, the kids had dinner and a movie with Grandma. She made these flowers with them out of clay.
Sheryse with her boys.
Kristine, Kathleen, Salli and Mena at the mortuary before we dressed Grandma.
Cousin Jay with his daughter Christy and son Nolan.
Tony, Tracey and Michael. Michael sang at the funeral and Madi accompanied him - they did a great job.

Jeffrey and Jacob Zufelt
Dad gave Jeffrey a picture of a real plane that is like the model plane he is fixing up for him. Jeffrey put them up in the car like this on the way to home to Utah to stare at them.
Now we were getting silly with the camera on our drive home. I just turned the camera to the back of the car not knowing what I was taking a picture of. Madi put her face in the picture.
Maybe Emma's foot, Olivia's hand? Emma has the camera now.
Mikayla from India.

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