Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tribute to Grandma

Grandma Ottoboni passed away July 11, 2009. She was a sweet woman. She very much loved her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When we would get together for holidays she was so proud to point out, as she looked around the room at all of us, that "she started all of this". One funny memory Mena has of her was when she would pick us up from church in her sports car, go-go boots and miniskirt with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Too funny. She may have had a rough life but I remember well the day she bore her testimony to me and other family members. I had never seen that side of Grandma before. With tears in her eyes she told us how she accepted the gospel and why. Grandma had a grumpy side to her but from that day on, I knew where her heart was and that's all that matters.

Grandma is on the end.
Dad with the Tenney's- very close friends of grandma's. I just heard a story that when grandma and Sis. Tenney's first met they both said they could never be friends with each other. They were best friends.
Dad with Dorothy. She was a good friend of grandma's also. Dorothy let Jeff stay with her one time when he was in San Francisco for a business trip. He really enjoyed visiting with her.
All family members who were at the funeral.
I was able to experience something that I have never done before. Mena, my two cousins and my aunt and I had the opportunity to dress Grandma. None of us had ever done that before and didn't know what to think at first. It was a really special experience though that we were all glad we had the opportunity to participate in together. Definitely something none of us will ever forget.

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Cherie said...

I love the story at the top of your Grandma bearing her Testimony.
Our Grandma's passed just days away from each other.
My Nana was not a member of the church but she soon will be!!