Friday, July 24, 2009


Ok, so call me cheap, thrifty, crazy, whatever. We don't have a Winco or any cheaper grocery store here in Utah. I miss shopping at Winco and saving. The nearest Winco is in Idaho. Jeff was with me on this one when I decided we would take a trip to Pocatello, Idaho(2 hour drive - not bad) and stock up on groceries at Winco. We have a favorite missionary from California that is back home now in Idaho so this was an opportunity to meet up with him also. We traveled a little further to Idaho Falls to see Elder Ricks but it was worth it. I was able to stock up on flour, sugar, chocolate chips, rice, quick oats, cocoa and a few other things. Next month I will go again for things they didn't have this trip. This fall a Winco is opening in Utah and we are very excited.

The family at Texas Roadhouse with Virgil Ricks from Newdale, Idaho.

And here we are heading into Winco. Yeah! Although not as big as ours was in California - hopefully the Utah one will be bigger.


Emily Sherman said...

Kevin is totally stoked about the new Winco here, too!! Shawnee told me you are a fan of U Food Grill- we have one in Draper. Let me know if you ever come down here to check it out.

Cherie said...

Oh yeah - How do you live without a Winco? Glad you are getting one :D

That is funny that you drove all the way to Idaho to go to the nearest Winco.

dmd said...

Watch out comes Winco. Man, what will opening day be like?

But I couldn't live without it either!