Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Cookies

It seems I am always putting new pictures on my blog. I keep saying to myself, "Ok, we don't have anything big happening for a while so I won't be posting on my blog. Well, then the sweet little things happen that I know I am going to want to remember and put in my blog book. Madison always makes cookies for us on Sunday and this Sunday Emma wanted to help because she is taking a cooking class right now. Emma got out aprons for each of them and they went to work. I was outside and when I came in they were taking pictures of them making cookies together and they told me this was blog worthy. It is blog worthy to me as a mom because I appreciated seeing them being so kind to each other and spending time together. Just look at how loving they are being - they always are though.

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Csndice Rose Humes said...

GREAT PICTURE! love those girls. if you go to my blog i got a guest counter you can take. it's kinda cool to see how many people look at your blog. it surprised me.