Monday, July 6, 2009

Trek 2009

Jeffrey, Madison and Mikayla attended their first and probably only trek last week. It was a tough week but they were humbled and had many spiritual experiences. Trek is a program for the youth at church to experience just a little of what the pioneers had to endure while crossing the plains to the Salt Lake Valley. They walked about 20 miles, pushed handcarts, slept on the ground and even had members of their "family" die along the way. They were put into families with a ma and pa all of which were people that they didn't know before going. They grew to love these people and felt like they truly were family. It was a great way for them to meet more youth in the area - all of which they attend high school with. This picture was taken before they left. I wish I could have been home when they came home to get another picture. They were filthy and stinky.

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Sharp Family said...

Love the outfits, especially with the tennies!