Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

In our family no holiday is just one day - it's a whole weekend. Actually for Father's Day I was heading out to California so we celebrated with Jeff on Saturday. We went to breakfast at the same restaurant I discovered while Kirstie was here. we had a fun time. Jeff had a surgery on Sunday in St. George so Jeff and the kids were going to leave Saturday and play and then hang out in the hotel Sunday while he was in surgery. Could have been fun. Things didn't go as planned. They had to drive down with him to St. George(4 hours away) early Sunday morning - Jeff did a 15 minute surgery while the kids hung out in the doctors lounge and the nurses fed them and they watched movies. Then they headed back home(another 4 hour drive). Not as fun as it could have been. They did stop and tour Coves Fort on the way home where President Hinckley's family lived and helped traders and others that were passing through many years ago.
I had a fun time with dad on Father's Day. Tony made us a delicious dinner and Mom and Dad spoiled me while I was there. Both are great Father's in my life and I am so thankful for both.

Note the date this restaurant opened on the sign. It is the oldest restaurant in Utah.

Madi- willing to be in a picture but don't expect her to smile. This was right next to the restaurant. It was the spot that the Pony express stopped at back in the day.
Here's the clan ready to eat a yummy breakfast. Looks like there's so many of us in this picture.
The picture above Jeffrey was given to the owner by the governor when the restaurant first opened in 1919. They still have it hanging up.
Everyone was getting a little silly.
Especially Jeff...
and Mikayla and Madi.
Madi and Taylor enjoying their whipped cream.
emma liked hers too.
I wanted one of Jeff's raspberries but first he had to stick it up his nose.
Here is a picture from the airplane on my way to California above the clouds.
Another picture above the clouds. Last time I remember flying above the clouds was when I was young and I was in Evan's plane(dads friend) flying through the clouds.
Father's Day dinner at mom and dad's. Yum, yum. Thank you Tony.
Tracey and Candice


Csndice Rose Humes said...

It was fun having you come out! Cool restaurant. Tell Maddie I say she HAS to smile all the time because she is so awesome.

rad6 said...

Candice looks so grown up.
I love the picture of your family all lined up... you are right it looks like a LOT of people! Oh wait, it is a lot of people. FUN.
Can't wait to visit.

Carolyn said...

haha it was early in the morning and i will smile but i didnt feel like it then..i was too tired haha notice i am smiling in the other pictures =D