Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is the Place Field Trip

I was able to go with Olivia's class to This is the Place park for a field trip. I have never been inside the park where they have the old time town set up. It was really neat. I love anything pioneer. I was the only parent who got to go with. Olivia told me she was glad I was there because of the special privileges she gets when I go with. We had fun.

Funny side note: I was wearing these glasses when we went to Matt and aimee's over Memorial Day Weekend and Matt called me Hollywood the rest of the day.
Here we are on the bus to Salt Lake.

Olivia and Natalie. I really took this picture because of the view behind them.
Olivia and Natalie in front of the monument. It is so nice that Utah history coincides with church history - great that the kids learn both at school.
This is what school children would have to do when they got in trouble at school. They would hold their arms out for a long time.
This is the little train that took us around the park for a quick tour in the beginning.


Their hands were supposed to be touching but these two(as with all the kids) would not touch each other while learning the dance.

For some must push and some must pull...
Olivia making wool yarn.

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