Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bountiful Temple

Jeff and me at the Bountiful temple. Kind of a scary picture but we were just having fun taking a picture of ourselves. we should have asked one of the many professional photographers that were there to take it. Our favorite time to go to the temple is in the morning on Saturday. We do an early morning session and always have brunch in the cafeteria after. I don't know how everyone else feels about the food in the temple cafeteria but I always like what I get. We were laughing because when we were coming out of the temple, a large group was just outside the door waiting for a bride and groom to come out. We stepped out and Jeff said,"Ok we're here!" The whole group went silent for a minute and then they all started laughing. He thinks he is so funny.


Cherie said...

Cute picture - I always love those "self portraits!".

I love Temple food. There is just something great about sitting in the Temple cafeteria. It is even peaceful there!

Candice Humes said...

The temple on saturday is the best because you get to run into brides! So fun!