Friday, June 5, 2009


So my girls tell me someone from their seminary class is picking them up for school yesterday. I think, "ok whatever". Time comes for them to leave and they say "bye mom" and rush out the door. I look out the window and some guy with longer hair(not too bad though) gets out of this hot rod and hops in the back to sit by Mikayla while Madi gets in front by whoever is driving. I guess it's ok, it was just not what I expected so I thought it was kind of funny. Some hot rod shows up with party animal looking guys in to pick up my girls. But they were from seminary class and we do live in Utah so I'm sure they are good boys right? I still need to get more details from my girls on these fine young men.


Cherie said...

Oh yes those fine young men need to come in the house and meet you next time!

I bet the girls loved every minute - What teenager wouldn't!!

P.S. Utah mormon boys can be as naughty as any other - don't be fooled! :D

Candice Humes said...

Ya I'll talk to the girls about hotrods and long haired boys.... back seat eh? hrmm...