Monday, June 15, 2009

Auburn 2nd Ward Reunion

Because Mena was in town and Syd Hoopes-Ash was too, we had a mini reunion with those from the ward we grew up in in California. It was really fun to see everyone. There are quite a few of us who live in Utah now.

From left to right: Brett Ferguson, Syd Ash, Kurt Green, Jonathon Dickson, Me, Scott Hodges and Mena Hoopes

Wendy Green and Evelyn Hodges
Scott with his daughter
Brett and his family
Kurt, Jeff, Syd and Mena
Several of the kids that were there. When Mena and I were figuring how many would be at the reunion, we didn't try to count the kids - too many. Not everyone could make it or else there would have been several more.
Mena and Syd are best friends which works out well since Mena married Syd's brother.
Do we look alike? Not really.
Wendy Green with two of her 6 kids.
Claire, Olivia and Audrey(Syd's daughter).
Tara Hoopes-Larsen, Stone and Taylor
Jonathon is a helicopter pilot and had to leave early to take someone out on a ride. He did a flyby over our house. It was cool.
Tam and Tara
I looked out the window while our party was going on and I saw the girls out talking to a group of boys that came by. They all left and played hide and seek around Wal-mart. Love the wholesome activities the youth choose to do here in Utah.

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