Monday, June 15, 2009

Together Time

It is June 14th and we are still drinking hot chocolate. I don't usually like the 9:00 am church schedule but I do like the extra time we have to spend together as a family on Sunday. This night we had hot chocolate and watched The Sound of Music. After a busy week, it was a relaxing way to end it. I am just thankful that my kids still like doing things with their mom and dad because we love doing things with them.

Emma with her apron on making whipping cream for our hot chocolate with Taylor.

Look at the mound of whipping cream Madison has on her spoon. Note us three girls wearing our new aprons we just made with grandma.
Jeffrey with his extra large cup.
Yum,Yum! Olivia is adding a little cinnamon and vanilla to her hot chocolate.
Movie time in the basement where we have a VCR still. Emma was out in about 5 minutes after so many nights of staying up late.


rad6 said...

hey, haven't been on many blogs lately... missed a lot on yours, it was fun to read and catch-up. Looks like things are great and you are having way too much fun!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Guess you didn't come this week. But we will be there soon enough.

Washington Family said...

How fun!! You look beautiful by the way, even with 10 (?)kids including twins!! Keep on rock'n hot mama! hee hee I think it's little late for me.....

Cherie said...

Looks like a cosy time. I heard it has been raining alot this month. Crazy weather but hot chocolate is always a good thing, as is family time :D